About Us

Bromley House Library was founded in 1816 and moved in 1822 to its present home, Bromley House, which is centrally situated in the city on Angel Row. It is a dark red brick building built in 1752 as a ‘town house’ for George Smith, grandson of the founder of Smiths Bank, the oldest known provincial bank in the country.

Bromley-10510-056 copy

Bromley House Library (also sometimes known as Nottingham Subscription Library) is a private library in the centre of Nottingham. The library has around 1200 members and a stock of around 40000 books, including a good selection of materials of interest to local historians, many topographical works, and a wide selection of 19th and early 20th century novels. The library adds some 700 new fiction and non fiction books each year. It also stocks audiobooks and music CDs. The building has been designated Grade II* listed status, and the library also possesses a walled garden at the rear of the premises. We welcome bew members and people interested can visit our website www.bromleyhouse.org to find details of our regular library tours or just pop in to collect an application form. Membership allows the member (plus any resident family) full use of the library services and facilities.
(Image courtesy of and copyright to Martine Hamilton-Knight)

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