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A week at Bromley House Library by Charlotte Brown from Nottingham Emmanuel School

July 3rd to 7th is work experience week in Nottingham and Bromley House Library hosted Charlotte from Nottingham Emmanuel School. Charlotte approached us in November last year having visited the library as part of the First Story programme. We invited her for a chat and soon decided that she would ‘fit’ in with Bromley House Library very well. Charlotte has done a blog for us – so here – in her own words is an account of her week.

Day 1 

I was so pleased to be working in a friendly, fascinating place such as Bromley house Library for my work experience. During my first day, I learnt the rules of health and safety, got to know my colleagues and was told how the unique Bromley house classification system worked. I had the chance to order some books that were not in the library and I was shown how the desk works by Amy. I was also allowed to look at some of the older books in the cabinets. I really enjoyed my first day.

Day 2

On day 2, I discovered how to process books by doing their labels and covers, which I picked up on quite fast. The members’ reserved books were introduced to me and I was beginning to find my way around the rooms of the library. Choosing mythology and Shakespeare, I created a display for the glass cases in the library which was fun because we had to hunt the books down and I got to position them how I liked. 

Day 3 

I was now used to doing the filing for the previous day, which oddly I found quite relaxing. I helped to set up plates and food prior to the tea party later that afternoon where I got to introduce myself to the members. Me and Geraldine had used social media to advertise the library which consequently lead to more people joining the tour I assisted on after the party.

Day 4

After completing the daily filing, I was shown how the book conservation volunteers help preserve the older books using different tools and steps. During the afternoon, Frances and I checked the library’s temperature and humidity that also helped me know my way around a bit better. Again, I got to look at the older books in the cabinets and I really enjoyed reading “Alice in wonderland” for the first time. 

Day 5 

My final day at Bromley was quite relaxed. Because of the garden party on the following day, the majority of it was spent preparing for it. In the morning, I watched how Nicola and a local bookbinder prepared books chosen for conservation binding. Then onto helping Geraldine collect the last few bits and bobs for the party. My confidence had grown and I was upset that after finally settling in, I had to leave. I really enjoyed my time at Bromley and would choose it over school any day; luckily, I have applied to be a member and hope to return soon. 

We were delighted with Charlotte’s work it was a pleasure to have her with us in the library and she was a real ambassador for her school. Well done!

Bromley House - 09175-004

One of our favourite reading rooms and though the doors the library counter where Charlotte spent some of her time.




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