Locked out of the Library

People often joke that they wouldn’t mind being locked in Bromley House Library, with its comfortable chairs, constant supply of coffee, and most of all, no chance to get bored with the wealth of books on the shelves. This morning, however, we were locked out of the Library. Something inside the mortice lock on the front door had slipped, meaning that no-one could unlock the door. At the same time, the Central Library had a queue of people on its doorstep as it had a power cut, and so was closed.

 So, we gathered in Cafe Nero just up the road, got in touch with our locksmiths who said that they could be there within the hour, and waited for them. You’ve heard of pop-up shops and galleries – well this was a pop-up library! We even had bookstock – a parcel delivery took note of our redirection notice and came to find us. So members joined us, our trainee catalogue mentors and the French conversation group were there. We considered doing poetry readings, but the wait wasn’t long, and then we were back in the building.

 For those members who hadn’t indulged in Cafe Nero we offered free coffee whist we opened the building up and coaxed the technology back to life,  realising we too had had a power cut. By just after ten thirty life was normal again, well, as normal as it ever gets in Bromley House…


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